Nos missions

We have set ourselves the task of giving shelter to every homeless person, but without your help this task cannot be achieved. So let us together, uniting, solve this global, world problem. There are no unsolvable problems. Anyone who tells you that the problem of the homeless, hunger and poverty cannot be solved, simply lies to you and hides his indifference to these problems, or greed. But such people in the world, fortunately, are a minority. Only by uniting, together, we will be able to resolve such global issues. And in turn, we undertake to bring every penny of yours to the addressee. You can see reports on the work done here on our website, as well as on YouTube. Our one organization, probably, will not be able to change the global picture of homelessness around the world, but everything depends on the scale, in any case, we set such a task for ourselves. It is well known that in order to achieve the maximum one must demand the impossible. We set an almost impossible task, the task remained at the maximum.