Your daily tasks


We help you with your household chores at your home such as:

2.Laundry detergent
4.floor cleaning
5.window cleaning
6.dive maintenance
8.Linen changes maintenance


We accompany you to do your shopping in the store of your choice or we do your shopping in possession of a shopping list made by you.

We accompany you by car and bring you back to your home.


We help you get around by car to your appointments


We will maintain your exterior according to your requests: maintenance
2.hedge trimming
3.exterior cleaning


nous apporterons une touche de nouveauté à votre intérieur

1.assembly of new furniture
5.floor tile

Your first needs

Disabling situation:

We will be present on a daily basis to help you at home and your travels.

We will be able to adapt to your needs and be there when you need it.

Housing search assistance

We help you fill out your file and find suitable accommodation for your needs and your means.

Financial problems

We will provide you with financial assistance, if you have any difficulties.

Or we will provide you with what you need to help you.

Job search

We are looking for offers from temporary workers or we will offer you a position within our associations while your situation is regularized.

Your administrative tasks

File filling

We help you in writing letters, or completing any files.

Phone calls

We make phone calls for you or we help you find the information to call yourself.


We help you with the drafting of emails if necessary.